Sunday, February 14, 2016

Love'im Up.

When I need advice is when I miss my Mom and Dad the most, which is funny because neither were much for giving it...But still I miss being able to share with them the joys and even some of the sorrows....

Dear friends have been my compensatory blessing in this life, and have always filled the gaps, when my heart longs for a mother's or father's love...

Such a call came a few days ago...we talked of joys and worries, pains and hope...and somewhere in the middle, she shared a story of an orphaned calf they had taken in long ago. Worried about how to care for their new charge, they inquired of the farmer what to do....
"Oh just LOVE 'im up! " they were told. "So we did..."

Love 'im up.
When you don't know what to do just love them.

Sage advice...

How often, when I've prayed for my husband, my kids, my friends and even my enemies, that has been my answer....Just love {them}. 

In the moment I needed the reminder, my friend remembered her calf and the long ago lesson of love.

Just. love'im. up.


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