Monday, July 28, 2014

Sister Kramer: Hope

It's been so crazy, I'm just glad that I remembered to email the missionary :) And that the wifi that blanked out last night, decided to start working again :)

Bailey is doing great! And that is all I need to know. :)

your going to have to send me pictures of the new house. i am glad that everything is going smoothy for you guys to move in. i got the cards that everyone signed :) my new companion is sister m, yes she is from Utah lol she is a softball player her and i get along great!

the favourite thing i learned was about Hope  that when it come to the language of the gospel Hope is unwavering, sure, and active. the prophet teach about having a firm hope or a living hope. People that have a faith in God and  Christ hope for a better world because they the know is can happen. to hope is to know something can happen because of your faith.

The Chapel is the same size as the one at home. the ward is amazing here there are only about 60-80 members that come each sunday everyone is so friendly and inviting i feel at home in this ward.

i get my groceries at super store....each missionary has a visa that the mission office puts $$$ on every month plus a extra $$ because NFLD is so expensive.

my companion and i are good we dont need anything :)

i love you guys so much thanks for everything! 


Sunday, July 27, 2014


So sometimes the stress gets too great and I need to zone out...So after days of cleaning-packing -organizing-phonecalls-paperwork, I took a less hands on approach to the task at hand, sat in a chair and read a book, while directing traffic, also known as, the laziest approach to parenting ever...
But we got crap done. I read an awesome book. And no one revolted. Win-win-win :)
I read, WONDER, by RJ Palacio
It's a children's novel (right at my level)  and if you ever want your kids to understand the power of kindness,  have them read this book, better it with them. Loved it. It's one of those books that makes you want to hug those who are struggling a little tighter and be a little kinder...

If you have been bullied or have children who struggle with being bullied or need a lesson in it. I love books that make you think.

 Now on to moving.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Moving Meltdown

You know that point where you've got so much to do, that the only thing want to do is nap....Yup I hit that point, before 10:30 am on Monday....
I knew the week between family vacation and moving that family would be busy, but I had no idea all the javelin catching required, would be so emotionally draining...

So many extras, newly required forms, doctors forms..... last minute oh yeah we're buying a house today phone calls, emails and documents....and oh yeah we're moving in five daysI.... I hit my wall...I'm sure there's something that still needs to find a box and I know the oven still needs to be cleaned, but I don't think I have the brain power to make one more decision or sign one more up sometimes seems easier...

I have had many private prayerful moments, certain in just couldn't do it...there is just no way it's all going to come together and each time...I've found strength beyond my own...and each hurdle is solved....weird :)

So I'm tired but so humbled...Heavenly Father is in the details of our lives...and answers even the smallest prayers. I'm sure there will be many more prayers in the next week too :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sister Kramer: Missing Her

So we're back to the short emails :)... I guess after our family vacation, I'm really miss her. I really miss knowing the details of Bailey's life, but know that's part of being a missionary's mom... Glad she gets to stay in NFLD a little while longer and hope she and her new companion have as much fun as she and Sister H did. :)

so in the mission there are transfers every 6 weeks so there is always a chance that you will be moved so that was two weeks ago so my companion an i didnt get moved so we were safe for another 6 weeks to serve together but on saturday we got a call from the mission president saying that he had to do an mid-transfer and that my companion would be leaving in two days and i would be getting a new one! so i am not even done my training and i am the head missionary in my area and my new companion has only been out 6 weeks longer then me! not going to lie i am stressed out right now the last two days have been so crazy with trying to get sister h packed and ready to fly out. 
i am happy that your travels went so well and that disney land was fun.
sorry that i dont have much time to email there is so much to do today.
love you guys so much

sister kramer 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Disney Kramer Style

Family vacation 2014 was a success of the Kramer kind. :)
We never once opened or closed the park, which was smart. Superman went back to the hotel when he had had enough during the day, also smart. We let the kids have more than half the time entirely to themselves, which meant we didn't have to all in all it was great.

But there were a few "Kramer" moments....

First, I should post the video, but its down right humiliating so just suffice it to say...
I have a new phobia... The ferris wheel...

Not one of my finest moment, really not.

Second, we got stuck on Splash Mountain, on the top of the first drop, for 30 minutes in the blazing sun...until the cast member climbed up to take us out and lead us down several flights of stairs to the bottom.. . 
But first , let me take a selfie....
The path down....

The reward....two of these passes to any ride of our choosing....
So we used it for Space Mountain....
And got to the cue, only to have the ride shut down, so we got a new pass....
Only to have Superman get stuck behind a stalled car on Autopia for 30 minutes...I thought it all hilarious...superman went back to the hotel :)  

I also had a guy on a scooter run headlong into me, I was walking right beside the star tours building and had no where to go to get out of his way...he sped right into me and then yelled Watch Out...I was more annoyed that he yelled at me than anything, just a slight bruise on my knee and hand were I grabbed the basket to try to stop the full impact....luckily the star tours people saw the whole thing and apologized profusely and gave the guy what for and the family behind us yelled at him for me too}  :) {note to Disney, your scooters should not be able to go faster than the average person can walk, just a thought}

The Kramer moments, just added to the awesomeness of our vacation. After thinking we might not ever be able to share my love of Disney with my kids, I'm grateful that we have been blessed with a way the last two summers...Disney is wonderful, but I hear a warm sandy beach calling my name next...minus children :) 

Endless Disneyland

{not bad for an iPhone shot! thanks Holly}

Mom, why can't real life be like DISNEYLAND all the time!?!?

It was our first evening in the park, and we were in the middle of thousands of other people, watching the fireworks over Sleeping Beauty's castle...the spectacle far surpasses the 1980's version I remember.

We had had a wonderful day and happy hearts prevailed and the show of lights, music and the flying Tinkerbell and Dumbo really was magical.

The question had sincerity and it started me thinking...through all the fun, the classic getting stuck on Splash Moutain, the getting hit by an old guy on a scooter, the FREAK-OUT on Mickey's Ferriswheel and the endless churros...I was thinking.

So why can't life be like Disneyland ALL the time? You know, happy, fun, magical...'s not intended to be....

 We were given this life to learn and grow and experience...not just the joys but the sorrows too...
I will never welcome the sorrows...ever...but the one thing, the couple of decades longer, I've spent on this earth, than my questioning child, has taught me, is this...

Struggle is a masterful teacher. I will never be grateful for losing my parents, long before their deaths, or watching the affects of illness on my sweetheart but I am grateful for the lessons learned and the outpouring of love and understanding I have felt, through that struggle.

Patience, courage, humour...all refined through struggle.

Of course there are wonderful happy, fun magical moments in this life. Moments we are certain, we know what heaven feels like. So why can't it always feel like that magical?

Because now is the time learn... And that is something you will learn.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's a Draw

We are discovering lots that we've never seen/done before at Disney....

Who'd a thunk the animation academy is a favorite? Anyone can learn to draw...Here's proof...(I'm posting these cause I know they won't survive the suitcases...)


Loving this family time, 
minus the low blood sugar psychosis, This mamma bear has to eat in the morning BEFORE riding Space Moutain and Star Tours, lesson learned...sorry family.
Also none of us are a fans of the Indiana Jones ride, too do however discover if your bra is providing the correct support...or not... :)

Grateful to finally just feel like just a tourist in my old stomping grounds. :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Sister Kramer: Bold

Email is a blessing when you are away...great to hear from our missionary.

....that is good to here i hope that you guys have lots of fun and please send me lots of pictures! this week has been alot better by far we got to travel to Grand falls for Zone training i saw a moose on the drive! it was nice to meet all the missionaries is Newfoundland we only have 8 elders and 8 sisters in NFL and then 2 senior couples one of our zone leaders Elder j said something that i really liked " if you have charity you can be as bold as you want to be" 
my companion says ensign like enzin i think it might be a utah thing....our apartment is the oldest one is the whole mission missionaries have been living in it for 12 years now its really tiny but it dosent really matter because we are never home. Oh so they are putting my drawings as the front cover of the bulletin so thats pretty cool
Did dad get the newfie flashlight that i sent him????

love sister kramer

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What A Year...

For two years we tried to keep the status quo...retail management, Church leadership, family responsibilities, volunteer work, recreational activities, social lives...the list of responsibilities and expectations, endless...

All while battling, as quietly as possible, the return of an increasingly unstable and unforgiving illness...

An emergency visit with the doctor required us to immediately face that fact that Superman was seriously ill...strong medication and medical leave... our world fell apart at the seams

That was a year ago today, our last day of normal. My heart already knew, what my head refused to accept at the time. Life as we knew it had changed.

The following few weeks were the scariest we have faced yet. A mostly private hell of illness and uncertainty ...

I woke up many mornings, not sure I had the strength required to get through day, praying we could just have our old lives back...I was certain that if we just lived our lives perfectly, righteously...of course Heavenly Father would bless us with a reprieve and return to normal...

That was not to be and the illness intensified and proved even more difficult to treat...devastated. I longed for and eventually mourned, normal...

A year later, we still face our Everest....

No there has been no miraculous healing or even a reprieve. Superman is still struggling and maybe always will.

But we are still standing and able to climb that Everest, with an acceptance and understanding and peace, I thought would never come..... and the miracle of that is not lost on me.

I no longer pray for the return of our old normal...normal is so boring :)

I pray for the courage to continue to accept Heavenly father's will for our family.

The blessings of the last year outweigh the challenges and I feel nothing but gratitude for that.

I love you Superman,  your courage and strength and tenacity, humbles me always. You really are our Superhero.

Thank you, thank you , thank you to all for the overwhelming support and love we have felt this last year. We are loved.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Sister Kramer: A Stormy Week

Today's email was lengthy, by Bailey's standards anyways :)....

It's edited down quite a bit.

this week has been rough not going to lie every lesson that we had planed for about three days fell through and {Bailey shared other struggles that I edited for privacy}..but other then that the work is going great we were able to find three new investigators witch was really cool...., is crazy to think  that i have been out for two mouths now the time has gone by way to fast..... i am more then happy to be a missionary there is nothing else that i want to be done i love serving the Lord and being his tool in bring many people to a knowledge of the gospel it is amazing to see the light of Christ enter into people and be able to say that you helped with that! i love the Lord and i will serve him with all my heart might mind and strength for my whole mission and after! 
we did have alot of heavy winds and some rain {ruminants of Hurricane Arthur} but it mostly missed us so we are safe......

i love you guys be good and Godspeed 
Sister kramer

It's amazing to watch Bailey's testimony grow! We love our missionary.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Really Kramers?

My Sunday morning rules are simple:
Clean, modest clothes.
No food.
No sleeping.
No cell phones.
No hitting. (Yes my teens still need this rule)

Sacrament meeting should be a piece of cake...

I looked up, as Dallyn started to pass the sacrament on the stand....

{Horrified Mom Moment}

Dallyn's white shirt was more wrinkled, than a 93 year old sunbather....seriously he has one job, Sunday I wouldn't notice...who raised this boy! sigh

Testimony meeting hadn't even started, when I here the distinctive crunch, I look up...Madison is, neck deep into a Kit Kat bar...Really Maddie, it's fast Sunday?....Really? She mumbles,  I  missed breakfast!?!?....ummm yeah that's the point...she scarfs it down before I can confiscate...sigh

Five minutes in and I realize the teenagers are no longer awake, picking my least they're reverent, right? All good, until I hear Dallyn snicker at an inappropriate time, and I realize every, single one of my geniuses, aren't sleeping, but on their cellular devices....there is a silent tug o war and I hand superman three cell phones...sigh.

Then they really did fall asleep.

Well at least no one hit each other. 1 for 4. Way to go Kramers!

Sundays are my favourite! Really they are.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Hard-Fought Answer

"I have a family here on earth, they are so good to me, I want to share my life with them, through all eternity. "

As an older kid I hated this song, yup I said it...I hated it, we'd sing it and I'd roll my eyes. They certainly weren't talking about my family and I certainly had no desire to spend eternity with them....

Years passed...

I then got married and we had Holly and suddenly my little family changed my mind and for the first time I could imagine spending forever with someone. So,  Grant and I worked really hard and when Holly was six months old our little family was sealed in the Cardston temple. One of the sweetest moments of my life.

I have never regretted that decision. 

But I still roll my eyes. Yup I'm a mature, grown adult and I still roll my eyes...
I get MY family  but I struggle to understand the hurt and heartache I feel when I think about MY Mom and Dad....

Why were they ill?
Why did we/they have to endure so much?
Why was it, what it was?
Is a forever family is even possible for us?

The quest for answers has been a hard-fought battle... Sometimes the hurt too deep, to even ask the question.

Forgiveness and understanding have come in tiny pieces...

But there was one question I couldn't find an answer to...I prayed (more like tried to bargain with), looked for others who had walked a similar path, asked those I respected, what they thought...

Still no answer.


I had to get up before the birds were singing on Wednesday, to catch the ferry to Vancouver. I was humbled by the request to join our friends, when their daughter would be sealed to their eternal family. It was a beautiful day at the temple.

In the peace of that place, my hard-fought answer came...Just like answer. I wasn't even asking.

I realize know, I was actually looking for an explanation, not really an answer...when I was willing to hear the answer without the explanation. The answer came. It was a humbling experience....

Ok so I'll probably still roll my eyes, occasionally...but there is a part of that song, I completely understand....

The Lord has shown me how I can...
Grateful to share such a special day with our friends and for the blessings of the temple.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Flash It!

Superman's Father's Day gift from Bailey arrived in the mail yesterday!!!!

Yup, it's a NEWFIE flashlight! 

Superman loves it, even though it might take him a day or two, to figure out how to use it ;)

Gotta love our missionary :)