Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dirty Work

Holly and Bailey setting the example
Our weekends have started to feel busier than the school was no different. Dump Run first thing this morning(I love the sound off all my crap hitting the bottom of a dumpster). Helping a family move in (We love our growing ward)

 Then my Superman went and picked up a yard of compost,Apparently, we need more flower beds (his gardening/flower addiction is starting to worry me. Maybe its time for GA- gardeners anonymous). The rug rats and I were supposed to help..we did, can you tell. We take wheel barrel races and....
Yard's totally catching on
 Yard surfing to a whole new level around here. We were finally save by the bell, the phone that is...Grant's boss called and for some reason all work stopped:) We accomplished tons, really and the yard is really starting to come together.
Why wear shoes...we wouldn't want to keep the freshly shampooed carpets clean now would we...where's the fun in that!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Hangover

I thought it was a brilliant idea to stay up and watch the Royal wedding....The Superman and the rug rats thought I was off my rocker :) I haven't stayed up 'til 4 am on purpose since 1993. I remember my mom getting us up in the middle of the night to watch Prince Charles and Princess Dianna marry in 1981. We were in Canada visiting my Grandparents. I remember the carriage, the train and the red carpet. I was almost 7....

There was something very nostalgic about watching live 30 years later. Grant and the rug rats were waging bets I'd fall asleep on the couch and miss the whole thing...I made it :) and I am glad I did. What impressed me the most was the MUSIC. The all Male choir was amazing. This was my favourite written by composer John Rutter especially for the wedding...

The acoustics in the Abby were perfection. I loved how it echoed as all recited the Lord's Prayer. It was worth it...

I did not take into consideration that Grant and I had volunteered to help move two different families from our ward this morning. Functioning on 3 plus hours has been challenging all day but I have survived. Only lasting affects have been a Royal Hangover :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Day The Laundry Fairy Died

This is what I got up to this morning....

 I am pretty sure our laundry fairy has died. May she rest in peace.
This is all clean laundry and most of it had previously been folded.
Just 48 hours worth of laundry at Casa de Kramer. Yes the offspring have some explaining to do.(folding clothes must be mystifying to a teenager) Have I ever mentioned I loathed laundry! I just put the last load in and have now discovered the colour of the laundry room's BLUE!!!

It only took an hour and a half to get the room returned to its previous glory....How long do you think this will last...The rug rats are home in T- minus 2 hrs 10 minutes and 45 seconds. :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Family History Mystery

My Superman is on holidays for the next week. Its a stay-cation and Grant had mentioned he wanted to get a bunch done around the house....I really didn't think he was that serious. I guessed wrong. He decided today was the day to move ALL of the bedrooms around. Have I ever mentioned that a sure fire way to make my Superman and I argue is ask us to move furniture together....Yup still works.
 Moving the bedrooms required us going through all the clothes in every dresser and closet, shampooing all the carpet, taking apart and reassembling every bed in the house.At least the Superman and I kept the yelling to a minimum :) We now have TEN bags of clothes and a box of stuff to go to Salvation Army. I'm pretty sure a few of our offspring would more than meet the requirements for an episode of Hoarders.....

We did discover this embroidered handkerchief with a bunch of table clothes in the back of our linen closet. I have honestly never seen it before....
It says...
Take This As Love Sign And Be Faithfull In Mine

Many Joys To You


Good Luck


Lucile Peterson is my maternal Grandmother. She was married in December 1933. I think that KM would be the one who embroidered the handkerchief,or maybe it was my Grandmother (LP) who made it? but KM is not my Grandad or any other relative that I can figure. So this is a mystery to me...Is KM a close friend wishing her luck in her marriage but then why just her maiden name and not Hamilton? Or could KM be a beau she had before my Grandad and she made it for him?? It is a man's handkerchief I think.... I will likely never know.

Its more than 88 years old and I am impressed that the colours of the thread are still so bright. It is beautifully done the back looks as good as the front...I think I will have it framed. I love family history especially when it becomes a mystery.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

He Is Risen

My Sacrament Meeting doodles never looked like this. Thank you Bailey for reminding us why we celebrate Easter.....
Matthew 28:6
He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Dresses

Right after Dallyn was born Grandma Lynette sewed each one of the girls an Easter dress and Dallyn a matching vest. They were beautiful and the girls loved them. I still have the dresses and the hats tucked away. The dresses meant so much to me. Such a treasured gift for my girls. These pictures were taken in Waterton National Park, Spring 2000. Holly 6, Bailey 5, Madison 4, Alex 18 months, Dallyn 3 months.

 I do miss the simple days when the girls loved to wear matching dresses....

 No more matching dresses but, they are beautiful, amazing young women.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Baskets, Bunny Buns and Breaking Even

So this weekend I pretty much broke even....My oldest three headed down to Youth Conference in Victoria and Alex and Dallyn's three friends came here so their parents could attend the Youth Conference. Its been terrible...totally kidding Michelle. Its been great, they all entertain each other. All I have to do is feed them occasionally.(only when they beg :)

They have played way too many computer games and watched way too much TV  but I did make sure we did two productive things today Easter baskets and Bunny Buns....
Easiest Easter Baskets

1. 12"x12" scrapbook Paper (card stock works best)
2. Cut paper into a 9" square and 2" x 12" handle
3. Fold to form a tic tac toe square
4. Cut as above

5. Hot glue or staple sides up and staple on handle...done

6. Embellish however you want, we made paper flowers
the girls made these all themselves ...ahhh my little budding crafters :)

Next we made Bunny Buns from the Children's Friend

They were sooo yummy...didn't use the recipe listed..... I added orange zest to my cinnamon bun recipe and it worked great....the glaze I used :
2 cups powdered sugar
1/3 Cup orange juice
2 TBspoons butter
thin with milk.

I think these will become a new family tradition.

It was a messy, sticky fun day. Now the kids are staying up way past their bed time :) Shhh don't tell their parents ;)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pea Hotter

I am currently watching the latest "Pea Hotter" DVD...not that I really want to. I have never read a Harry Potter book and probably never will. (Stop gasping.) But I live in a house full of Harry Potter nerds.  My Superman and all of our offspring have read every book and seen every movie way more than once. I have seen every movie out of default and have only touched a book if I've tripped on it. Even after a decade I still have to ask who Voldermort is? The Superman starts explaining...I think it's in Swahili :).

Dallyn went to the first movie when he was 18 months old and sat through the whole thing. Although the scary parts freaked him out. He called it "Pea Hotter" and the name has stuck ever since. I hate to admit it but I have used the DVD's as a babysitter more than once. Don't judge...:)

But just in case I want to be a "Pea Hotter" nerd, I can always go  HERE

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Run, Kramer, Run

Alex and Dallyn both participated in the district wide, cross country run today.

They both ran their hearts out. Way to go guys!!!

Breakfast Debacle

I made the goal of now getting up (5:30 am) with my Seminary kids every morning. My hopes were to keep them off the computer and from destroying the house...Three days into my lofty goal I failed (I know bad mom)...Here's what I got up to this lovely morning...
Why not make WAFFLES....mmmm I heart waffles. No they didn't save me any :( Nope just the mess :)
 And why not destroy any nutritional value those waffles might have by loading them up with half a gallon of no name imitation maple syrup, fake raspberry jam and half a gallon of ICE CREAM, yes ice cream. Breakfast of Kramer champions!

***And just for the fun of it, notice what's sitting on top of the bread box next to the toaster...big chocolate Easter bunnies, yes this mother of the year forgot/didn't bother hiding them. Dallyn did mention he might need therapy***

I think I will at least attempt getting up tomorrow morning :) In hopes of avoiding a repeat breakfast debacle.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Flower Boy

Grant and I headed over to the nursery (plant not baby) this morning. I wanted to pick up some tomato and herb plants....As we were perusing the aisles. I walk past the Martha Washington geraniums. Grant stops behind me, picks up a purple and white one and says "Oooo Robin they're so pretty"  
I turn around thinking he's mocking me. "Yes Grant, they're pretty". Grant: "No seriously we need to put more colour in the flower beds this year..." "Okie Dokie ??" (still not sure whats gotten into my big manly Superman) 

Grant: "Robin I'm serious, you know I love flowers." (No I don't think I had committed that to long term memory) I launch into a "we've already spent enough money on flowers this year" monologue. In the middle of which it dawns on me, as Grant is loading the cart with foliage I am wasting my time. We are not poor and my Superman spending $50 bucks on flowers will not break the bank.

He then spies the African daisy...I didn't even say a word. With a full cart we head to the check out.
The lady at the check out asks if we're together...."Yes" as I roll my eyes. She then tells us what the response was from the last couple she asked that question to. " Not if she buys one more flower, we're not..." Before I can say anything Grant responses...
"It's actually me with the flower issue..." The lady didn't know what to say. I told Grant it was him planting everything. Which he did. He also installed the solar lights, replaced the flower bed edging and tore apart and fixed the lawn mower. The front yard is looking pretty spiffy. I sure love my super handy flower loving Superman.
Tonight the kids and I planted sunflowers
some pepper pants

tomato and strawberry plants. We have decided to try container gardening on our super sunny deck this year. (I have found almost a dozen huge pots at the second hand stores...all for under $3 each)
Now if I can just remember to WATER....

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Life is Good

I end today with a heart full of gratitude...
The girls left early this morning on the Courtenay Ward temple trip. Grant and I felt we needed to attend a funeral in Port Alberni and were glad that we were able to make last minute arrangements to do so.
 The girls had a wonderful time at the temple. Having a temple so close is such a blessing.
Grant, Myself and Dallyn had a serene drive to Port Alberni. We even saw a rainbow across Cameron Lake. The funeral was a beautiful tribute a kind man. Visiting with dear friends was lovely. We all came away from the day with a renewed sense of the importance of  hard work, kindness and family.

My heart is full and life is good.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Dear friends of ours lost their Papa yesterday. Although we didn't know Papa well, we knew he was a good and kind man. The wonderful man he was is reflected in the beautiful family he leaves behind. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. Reading a tribute written by his granddaughter this morning touched my heart and caused me to reflect on my own Grandad and how much my life was blessed by him.

 My Grandad was a true gentleman. As a young girl I remember shoulder rides and eating carrots from his garden. Camping trips to Waterton in his trailer and riding in his big blue car. He was always impeccably dressed,his tie matching his handkerchief. He even tailored his own clothes .

Not long after my Grandmother passed away it was decided that my mom, sister, and I would move to Canada from California. In the summer of 1988 two bratty California teenagers and their mother  moved into my Grandad's home. Life in Canada was quite the contrast to the chaotic life we had led in California. My parents had separated a few years sooner and Grandad's house was a true refuge from our broken home.
Grandad holding Holly just after she was born 1993
Grandad never yelled or raised his voice but commanded respect. There were chores and expectations. Manners were a must. The table was formally set for dinner and the house kept impeccable. He graciously welcomed our friends and made sure we went to Church and Seminary, even though he was never a member. He always attended daddy daughter activities, our school concerts and plays congratulating us for every accomplishment. We loved him and knew he loved us. When I think of how a man ought to be I think of him.

It wasn't until after he was gone some fifteen years ago that I truly understood the sacrifice he made for us. He knew that my mom deeply troubled and needed help. He gave his all to make our return to Canada possible. Grandad gave us the priceless gift of normalcy and security. For that I will be forever grateful.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Never Say Never

Valley View Lip Dub from Brian Carmichael on Vimeo.

Alex and Dallyn's entire elementary school participated in this video. Love it.

Alex is at the entrance of the school playing a marimba on the right (yellow shirt) and in the gym leading aerobics.

Dallyn is at the end of the human dominoes

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Paper Flowers

I just discovered all the scrap booking tutorials on you tube....Great another source to feed my addiction. I looked up how to make paper flowers and up popped hundreds of videos.....Most of them were intricate and time consuming and needed a ton of special equipment and honestly I couldn't be bothered.....But I did find this one that was super simple and didn't require anything special.....
 All you need is scrap paper, water and brads......They said to use a spray bottle and punches but I couldn't find a spray bottle and refuse to invest in punches. So dampened fingers and plastic cups worked fine....
You need three graduating circles,  mine are approximately 3", 2" and 1" but nothing has to be exact anything will work...

With fingers dipped in water dampen each circle, doesn't take much water.
Crumple paper into a wad....

Uncrumple and stack....

While still damp put brad through the centre, Lay flat and allow to dry

I hot glued three on top of a gift...super simple and looks great. Any body can be crafty if they just know how to google :)