Tuesday, November 29, 2016


For years, I've walk by the same gentleman, sitting on a bench, nearly every time I run into the dollar store in our local mall.  He always says hi and I always say a hurried hi in return...

 Tonight he was standing at the mall doors and I watched as several people hurried past him refusing to acknowledge him....
As I got closer to the door,  I heard him say to the woman in front of me, 
"Would you like my Christmas card?

"No no "the woman says as she hurried past him. 

He then looks at me...

"Would you like my Christmas card?"

"Sure, thank you!" I say as I take the white envelope from his out stretched hand....

"Can you bring me a Christmas card too? My name's Mark." 

"Yes, I'd be happy to bring you a Christmas card, its good to meet you Mark."

I hope I'm never to hurried to notice the genuine kindness of another. It is so easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the season. Thank you Mark for reminding me of the power of a simple, Merry Christmas, I should have known your name years ago...


  1. well,, this has me in serious tears. Thank you Robin!! sooo lovely

  2. I know Mark. You have a friend for life. He has a great memory and will always call you by name. So glad you know him too.

  3. Yes ❤ I know Mark as well. He gave me a Christmas card a few years ago while I was on the bus. Though I seldom see him he always remembers me. Buses are a great place to meet good people.