Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Super Fan.

It's all superman talked about for months....

Something, something, STARWARS...

STARWARS...bluh, bluh, bluh


It was mostly adorable, and I kept my eye rolling to a minimum, most days.

But when he insisted on lining up at the theatre at 1 pm, as in 6 hours BEFORE the show time (we already had tickets, since October), I helped him but his lawn chair and blankie in the van, and sent him on his way SOLO...grateful he didn't end up on the front page.

THIS IS THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!! ( wedding?? Birth of children???)

Whatever......We let him have his day....

All the kids showed up to support Grant on his "BEST DAY EVER " (for fear they would otherwise be disowned ;))....

STARWARS was AWESOME!!!!! (2nd and 3rd time too) 

Superman is a super fan and we are too.


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