Saturday, May 21, 2016

90 Days In

Three months ago today... I was sustained as the  Relief Society President. A calling I,  and I'm sure a few others NEVER imagined coming to me, but I don't think anyone ever anticipates such a thing...

These first three months have been humbling and funny, surprising and overwhelming, tearful and prayerful...and honestly some of the hardest for my family personally.

{How grateful I am for a kind bishop's council: Robin, He knew it would get much harder, before it got any easier when He called you, He will help you.}

I have a new understanding of love and worry, of hope and forgiveness and of the incredible and often unique challenges our Heavenly Father asks each of his children to face.

I an learning there is safety and security in the handbook.

 {I keep thinking I should re-write lyrics to the Primary song "Follow the Prophet". "Follow the Handbook", sounds rather catchy, don't you think? :) }

I am learning of the infinite love our Heavenly Father and how important it is for everyone regardless of personal circumstances to feel of that love though us.

I am beyond grateful for the lessons of  my crazy childhood and the struggles of my far from perfect family... There is tremendous value in a "me -too".

I think often of the Relief Society Presidents who walked with me through my greatest challenges...and hope to emulate in some small degree the kindness and wisdom they showed me, as I walk with others.

I am so thankful for the amazing women who serve with me, who lighten my load and share my tears.

I have been helped, again and again as I plead for guidance "please help me hear the words you would hear and see the heart you would know"...
I am beyond humbled by the faith and trust others have given me and realize that it is very sacred ground I stand on when another lets me know of their heartache...

I'm still me, the same Robin that swears too much and yells at her kids and does everything imaginable to get out of making dinner and laughs when I shouldn't  and, and , and...but the last 90 days I have felt my heart grow...and growing is a very good thing.


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