Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sunday did come.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this one is probably worth a million...

A normal Sunday morning after so many that were anything but normal.

Torment. And even that word seems grossly insufficient....My Superman has been so, so ill these last three or so months. We have felt so often helpless as nothing could comfort his suffering mind and body. Bipolar disorder is the epitome of unfair. And over these last months we have been brought to the very edge of our faith, countless times...

How could a loving God, leave us to suffer, after doing all we could do?

Grant's heartache reached a boiling point and so had is anger with God, both of us almost certain relief would never come again....

An email sent begging for release, but instead the two kind and loving recipients, heard my Superman's cries for relief  and reached out to comfort and sustain,

Simple words reached a wounded soul in a moment I will always cherish. Courage given for one more step. I will be forever grateful for those friends who gently walk this road by our sides.

Sunday did come. We still have a long rocky road ahead, but even if its just one normal Sunday I will never forget the miracle of a normal Sunday morning.


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