Monday, December 29, 2014

Sister Kramer: Christmas Catch Up

 I've totally been slacking in the blogging department, I'll be better I the new year, I promise,'s Bailey's last two emails.... Love her!!!!

This week's email:

our christmas was crazy we had three turkey dinners it was crazy our first dinner was with all the missionaries at 11 then our second was with the d family at 1 there must have been 50 people there then we went to sister o house she is our mission mom we must have spent 6 hours at her house just hanging out sleeping on her couch just having a good time. it was great to see you all i am happy that you are all doing great :) do you think that you could get my siblings to email me cause it has been a few weeks since any of them have :) 
christmas was great but it was one long day :)

love you all 

Last week's email: 

yes i got all the info froom dad i am really excited to see you guys! there is a small change of plans i would be able to skype until 4pm your time now i hope that is still okay?
sydney is great we are well taken care of here :) christmas is going to be great this year! we are going to one members house for christmas eve and then on christmas day we have brunch at sister s home with all the missionaries then my companion and i will go to the d family christmas dinner at 1pm then we have another christmas dinner with all the missionaries at to o home then i will be skyping home from their house it is going to be alot of food :) 
 love you guys cant wait to see you all :)

sister kramer


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