Monday, December 1, 2014

Sister Kramer: Blessings and Baptisms


 {I find this picture hilarious...we could never get her to clean like this at home...I guess missions bring bonus blessings}
so planning a baptism can be a stressful thing but planing a double baptism can be even more stressful. things this week have been crazy for my companion and i.
there is a lot of work that goes into a baptism. everything between cleaning the font to making sure your investigators get there. and everything in between.
So everyone that could cancel did. ......... so our branch mission leader stepped in to be the presiding authority one of the members that came volunteered to play the piano for us and drive our investigator there. the talks and prayers were given by the branch mission leader and the elders pretty much on demand. between the nerves of the cancellations and having to sing (yes we did sing a song) there was a quite spirit that filled the hearts of all that came. once both were out of the water and getting dressed my companion and i just looked at each other tears filled our eyes with the knowing that we are part of a great work that the lord has sent us here to do many things. my heart is full of joy with seeing two people come unto christ. :)

Love you all i will see you on christmas
sister Kramer
{PANIC....she is still our Bailey :) }


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