Saturday, June 20, 2015

Love Les

{Dad, always wanted us to call him Les, but it never worked}
 Dad never read to me from the Bible or took me to Church, the only praying he ever did happened over Christmas dinner, if relatives were present. None of that stuff was ever for him.
Dad was not a religious man, but Dad taught me much about Christ-like love.
Dad was a well-educated man, but whether you had a degree or not, didn't matter to him. Dad was a gifted and talented musician, but teaching others to play was his favourite, whether performing in  Junior High Auditoriums, or Carnage Hall , his love of music was the same. Dad lived in trendy, upscale Orange County but even 50 years there, hadn't removed a bit of Beena's upbringing.
 Status, Abilities, Position, Religion, Race, Who you love, Background....Dad didn't care. Dad simply loved people as they were and where they stood. He was friendly, kind and engaging. He made others feel important. 
Dad lived simply and simply loved. Dad taught me how to love.That example teaches me more than any verse or prayer could.
I miss you.
I love you.
Happy Father's Day, Les.
{Nice BANGS Kelli, 1994}


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