Monday, June 1, 2015

Sister Kramer: Is Off To...

This week was good. on monday we had lunch with all the sisters in the metro and Sister L which was great. On friday the ward had a talent show it was great on of the bishops daughter played the ukulele and sung a beetles song shes about 9 it was super cute. And then on sunday we got transfer letters about i will be moving to wolfville :) i am excited to go i here that it is super pretty there in the fall. 

The monthly allotment changes from mission to mission but we get about 180-200 a month and that covers food, postage, toiletries, bike repairs, laundry money, haircuts and fast offerings everything else you pay for.
yes i am able to read your blog but just on mondays.     

love you guys 
Sister kramer

*took me a minute or two to find WOLFVILLE..... {opposite coast Halifax}

So I think that's five places in 13 months...

St Johns, NFLD....Sydney, NS....Summerside PEI....Sackville NS....Wolfville NS


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