Monday, June 22, 2015

Sister Kramer: Kept Safe

Bailey's letter today was really personal(I edited it)...I never knew of her worry about Superman before she left...Going on a mission took even more courage than I realised...Heavenly Father really does watch over us all and keep his promises....

Hey Dad Happy father day i know its a day late but we only get to email on mondays :P 

i want to let you know that when people ask me why i am serving a mission i tell them about that sunday that you pulled me aside as we were walking home and you said ..........that I should serve a mission not just because it will bless you and the people you meet but it will greatly bless this family..."
i was so scared that day i never wanted to serve a mission i had never prayed so much in my life before! I didnt want to go because i was scared that if i went on a mission that something would happen to you and i wouldnt be there to help mom and my siblings but Heavenly Father is one amazing person I promised with him that if He kept you safe that i would serve with all my might and that day we attended the temple i knew that you would be okay and then when i was able to call home on mothers day .............. i knew he would keep you safe!
i know that because i am serving a mission this family and you are protected blessed and watched over so much! Dad you are why i serve because i dont have to worry whether or not you are safe because God is watching over you so that i can put my whole self into His are my Rock thank you so much Dad.

"14 months on a mission and I'm still not a morning person " :)


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