Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mission Accomplished--ALMOST :)

Today we received an email from Bailey's mission president. I am grateful for the experience of having a daughter serve a mission. It is a brave thing our missionaries do.  And I am now beyond ecstatic to see her return home.

We get our HUG in 32 days, but nobody is counting. ;)

Dear Brother & Sister Kramer,

Your daughter will soon be completing her missionary service in the Canada Halifax Mission. Her scheduled release date is 17 Nov 2015. Her dedicated labors have been a blessing to all who have worked with her.

Sister Kramer has been a hard-working, obedient missionary and returns home with a firm testimony of the restoration of the church in these the latter days, the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, and the reality of the Savior and His atonement.  She has served in a number of leadership and training capacities in addition to her regular proselyting duties.

In her everyday service as a servant of the Lord, she has worked hard, been cooperative with companions, and obedient to mission rules. Our mission is an obedient, testifying and baptizing mission, and she has been a faithful contributor to that cause.

For this reason, her mission has prepared her to serve faithfully in the church in the future and will greatly assist her in making many of life's challenging decisions properly. She has contributed to the salvation of many souls and has changed lives because of her diligence and sacrifice.

We are always sad to see the missionaries go. We have come to love them and feel like we are losing our children when they leave. We love Sister Kramer and hate to see her leave, but we realize that it is time for her to move on to the next phase of her life.

Thank you for your loving support and sacrifices that have made her service possible.

President & Sister P

Mission accomplished--almost. :)


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