Friday, October 23, 2015

Sister Kramer: Christian Service {PICTURES!!!!}

Hey mom so guess who i met on sunday! brother Nansen Smith small world!

This week has been an adventure! on monday one of the members took up around the bay to some of the small fishing towns and to a few of the beaches and look outs it was pretty amazing! 
This week i read the talk by elder Hales called "being a more christian christian"

He talks about how the savior asks all of us to "come follow me" and Elder Hales Speaks about how that means that we need to love, to have faith, to sacrifice, to be caring, to serve, to have patience, to feel peace, to have forgiveness, to have a conversion, and to have endurance to the end.
the one that i wanted to focus on was service!
"Christian service. Whether drawing water from a well, cooking a meal of fish, or washing dusty feet, the Savior spent His days serving others—lifting up the weary and strengthening the weak."
each of us can become more christian when we are in the service of others!

love you guys
Sister Kramer

P.S. See you all in a month!!! :D



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