Monday, October 13, 2014

Sister Kramer: I Turn to The Lord

I sent Bailey pictures of Grant's protects around the house....

that looks really cool i think that you should go with the blue. i love that you send me all that dad does its cool to see his talents.

this week has been good but i did trip today and scrap up my knees so that was fun.
you should really read the talk Lord is it I from the priesthood part on conference.

I asked if she needed anything....

i am not sure if i need anything but thank you though.

What would you tell another missionary who is struggling?? How do you over come the hard days??? Where do you turn for help and peace??

i turn to the lord. i am on my knees more times then i can count. some days your lows and your highs are so close together on a mission you can walk out of an amazing lesson where the spirit was so strong to face someone so rude to you at the door that you just want to go home and hide under the covers. But one thing that I turn to is the Book of Mormon. Because no matter where you are in it, it has a power to give you strength because every page and every verse is always filled with the spirit that gives you what you need to get you through those moments..

Love you guys so much. Take care

Sister Kramer

Thanks for the answer Bailey and the example. We love and miss you, everyday.


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