Sunday, October 5, 2014

Conference Comfort

The first Weekend in October and April, every year is General Conference. A weekend we receive instruction from our Church leaders from Salt Lake, Utah

My first memories of General Conference...I was five maybe six and trying with little avail to stay still on my cold metal chair, in the back of the Placentia Stake Center, in a frilly green dress, (I have never liked dresses.)...

 On the giant scene at the front, a bunch of grey haired guys spoke in succession....they all looked they same to me and in my little mind I wondered if  God himself was speaking to us, they were just that old.

In the late 1970's, satellite broadcast receive by the gigantic satellite dish, at the Stake Center was the only way you could listen/watch General Conference, in Southern California. Mom took us to every broadcast

I've even read accounts of my Great Grandmother attending Conference in the 1870's, her and her father went by ox teams from Logan to Salt Lake, a journey of several days...

Today "we" {me and the offspring in varying degrees of sleepiness} watched/listen to conference on my iPad, sprawled out on living room couches. The trek from our bedrooms to the living room requiring negligible planning or sacrifices, because of technology neither my mother or great grandmother could have ever imagined.

But here I am, generations later, dragging taking my kids to conference...Why?

Because I need answers and guidance and  comfort and General Conference and those (now, not so) old men and women seem to always have the answers my heart is searching for.  So I watch and listen and soak in as much as I can.

 And I have a feeling that is the same reason my mom took us and the same reason my Great Great grandfather took Grandma Ash....they needed answers and hoped like I do that some day our kids would seek answers at General Conference.

Answers, comfort, guidance....

Elder Holland's talk on helping the poor and the needy, did just that. Answers, comfort and guidance ...

So even though the rug rats weren't as enthused as me....(I played bingo by my self)....
I hope they will, one day, find answers, comfort and guidance at General Conference :)


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