Monday, August 3, 2015

Sister Kramer: He Sent Me

this week was great! we met this amazing person knocking and so we set up a lesson and in one of his text messages he said.. "really don't know much about the Mormon religion but i am open to finding out you probably caught me at home by myself on the only time possible that week. i think its something God wants me to see and it comes at a time when i need a little extra faith in my life"!! isn't that amazing the whole time that we were talking to him you could just feel the spirit so strong saying that "it is his time" "he is ready" :)

Also another amazing story Do you remember the lady Sister A....well She wrote me a letter! it was like four pages long! in the letter she told me that if us sisters didn't show up on he door step she would never have been baptized and before we came she had lost hope...but now that she was baptized she has hope in salvation and knows that God loves her! and she said that know no matter what comes her way that She will be able to face it because we brought that faith back into her life! 

i know now that God didn't just call me to serve in the Canada Halifax mission he call me here for specific people that needed me personally! God truly works in amazing ways.

love you guys,
Sister Kramer
I was On exchanges in Bridgewater and we went to Liverpool because they had some of the tall ships in so we did a lemonade stand.  we talked to about 120 people they were from all over lots from the states and Europe but met a few from Australia :) and yes i got sun burnt it has been 30 here for the past week! 


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