Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ukee Runaway

We stared at this for hours, it was rough but we managed :)
Super and I needed a break, together, not from each other. So when the invitation came to hang out on the west coast for a few days, we ran as fast as we could...

It's a magical place where blood pressures drop and clarity comes with the sound of each crashing wave. Where you get a little sense of what heaven must be like....
Wickaninnash Beach

We  stuck our toes in the waves of the Pacific, ate a Ukee Dog, wandered the waterfront and docks, talked to a real live yacht captain, saw every corner of the fire hall and wished we could still be firefighters, someday. Ate the best fish and chips ever. (so I'm told, my corn dog was delicious ;)) at Jiggers, survived a squirrel bite and fell asleep each night to the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks below us.

I should have been a firefighter ;)
best dog ever
it's a vampire squirrel that didn't want its pic taken

But best yet, visiting with our dear friends who remind us that we do not walk alone in this world, ever. (Even when that friend, was once your seminary teacher, you may have tied up in a volleyball net, so you could get some extra sleep...)  Friends, where weary hearts can be mended some, where you come away with your bucket fuller than when you arrived and where you leave thanking your Heavenly Father for just how blessed you really are. Thanks guys we needed that, more than you know <3 p="">
Group Therapy would be the perfect name, if we had a boat.



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