Monday, August 17, 2015

Sister Kramer: S'mores

This last week i have been studying sacrifices and how they compare to the sacrament...

in the bible dictionary it states that the ordinance of animal sacrifices was replaced with the ordinance of the sacrament...both were made to represent the atonement...

there is a quote by elder Holland that says " We need to remember that it is an ordinance that we will partake of every 7days for the rest f our lives...this is a very personal ordinance. this is the only ordinance, really, that we repeat for ourselves" 

i just love that how it is a ordinance that we repeat for oursleves; to me that shows how much the savior truly loves us that he wants us to partake of his atonement weekly so that we can remember it daily! Christ wants us to use his atonement! 

love you guys
Sister Kramer


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