Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hug Her Tight

There have been so many tender mercies a long the way as Bailey has served her was no different. A church member Grant had the privilege of serving with on the High Council moved back to Newfoundland a few months ago and heard Bailey's mission ending testimony today....he then emailed us this....

Hey you guys

Over the last few weeks I have had the pleasure to meet your daughter and see firsthand her service and love to the Saints of Newfoundland, in particular, the Corner Brook Branch.  Although we attended via Skype from our little dependent Branch..... we got to see your daughters wonderful smile and feel of her beautiful spirit as she bore her mission ending testimony at church today.

You are to be very proud of this young woman.  She was loved by the Branch and she was so involved in service and commitment to the Saints.  She and her companion, Sister C, were absolutely Angels!  

Hug her tight as she comes home and tell he from me, it was wonderful to have felt of her spirit, however brief was the occasion.

Well done Mom and Dad!

N. S.


How grateful I am for this sweet window into Bailey's last day in Newfoundland, and how the tender mercies' of our Heavenly Father are in the details of our lives and yes we can't wait to hug her tight.


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