Sunday, November 8, 2015

Suit Jackets

"Dad why ya wearing a suit jacket??" Dallyn smirks as we are herding them out the door for Church this morning..."Only LOOOSERS wear suit jackets DAD!!!" the kid continues....

"Does this have something to do with you meeting with the stake pres. this morning?!?!" ...

We pull in the church parking lot two minutes later...."Dad!!! its FREEZING, why didn't you park closer" Alex says as she hops across the rain soaked parking lot. (it's 4 C this morning)

"Alex!!! Where are your shoes?!?!"  "I never wear shoes to church, MOM?!?!" I hadn't noticed before...(apparently we're raising an Island hippie)

When you get a message to meet with the Stake President in the morning, as a couple... you don't sleep, like at all.
What the heck do you think he wants??? What did you do??? Are we in trouble ;) ??? But I love my stake callings, Robin (Grant's last three years on the high council as been a place of safety and friendship and understanding, leaving that would be hard)...I spent the night praying and worrying
Morning couldn't come fast enough for either one of us.

"Well Grant, we would like to call you to serve as a counselor in the bishopric...."

"If that's where the Lord wants me, I will be happy to serve with Bishop Orrego"

Tears filled my eyes as I knew the faith and courage those words took.

Peace. I knew instantly all would be well.


Today was a wonderful Sunday after a week full of challenges. The spirit was so strong as our new bishop and his counselors bore their testimonies. The words spoken when Grant was set apart, soothing to my heart. A Heavenly Father is so mindful of our needs. I know we will be helped, loved and protected as Grant serves. How grateful I am for a HF who is so patient with me, lets me pour out my worries and brings amazing peace as we make our way through this life.

I guess we'll work on our shoe-less hippie next week...


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