Monday, November 2, 2015

Sister Kramer: A Bit Odd

i really don't have any big worries about coming...
 my only worries are finding a job, gaining savings and schooling i have really been looking into NAIT in Edmonton it is a trades school they offer a one year baking course....and i feel like i need to go, tuition is not very expensive and there are a lot more ysa there and a temple that is close...the semester start in september 2016.

Also i am a bit worried about the adjustment...i will be alot different from the last time i was home...somethings will be hard like i my not respond when you call me bailey or i my freak out when you leave me alone for the first time because i have not been alone in 18 months. or look away when people kiss in disney movies. or not know how to talk with you guys because all i have talked about for the last 18 months is the restored gospel! :) trust me i am going to be a bit odd!
i feel good about coming home i am really excited to be together again as a family but i also feel like i am leaving home...

this week was really good on friday we threw a big harvest party for the branch they loved it we played some minute to win it games like how to take a tissue box full on ping-pong balls tie it around your waist and you have to shake them out or the one where you place a cookie on your four head and move your face til you can get it in your mouth! it was so much fun! 

love you guys! 
Sister Kramer 


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