Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Kindness Continued

So the Christmas kindness continues...It's been a little rough this week as some personal challenges have weighed heavily on us...but focusing on others has been an AWESOME distraction...I smell a family tradition that will stick here...Wish we would have started this years before....

7. Made stockings for the Sister Missionaries

8.Sparkling Cider for friends

the picture won't let me post....but these guys teach all of our kids in either Seminary or YW and I know my rug rats can drive anyone to drink ;)

9. Made a laminated nativity set for friends.
my kids are too young for I found kids who would love it.

10. Baby Quilts

Two quilts one mom has impeccable taste in little boy names and the other mom brought her precious princess home from NICU last week (A...its in the mail tomorrow, I promise this time :))

11. Took flowers to a friends. (love, love, love these guys, like crazy ;))

12. Smiled and said Merry Christmas to every cashier/sales person I could.
kay, I admit, a slight cop out, but I am always so sad when I see how cranky people are to retail workers, especially at Christmas time.

13. Sent a sincere email, thanking my amazing cousin and his family

14. 10 handmade bags for Grants management team at work.

15. Paid for the people behind us in the drive-thru at Dairy Queen.
we ended up having to pull over to wait for our order , so the person behind us, came up and thanked us profusely..."Thanks so awesome, I'll pay it forward...I promise..." Her reaction made us both cry...
Just over a week to go...should be awesome.

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  1. You guys are awesome! I can't tell you how much your thoughtfulness lifted me when I needed it!