Thursday, December 6, 2012

Random Acts of Christmas....

Last Christmas we focused on Gratitude and had all the kids fill a box with all the things we were grateful for...(Well don't we just sound like the perfect family)...

This Christmas We (I) decided we should focus our Christmas on others. I've been  feeling pretty down, sad, unexcited for Christmas this year and desperately needed to focus my thoughts and feelings elsewhere...So, here's what we came up with.  We are calling it our " random acts of kindness Christmas". Each day in December we are thinking of something we can do for someone. Nothing huge or major or expensive, just something to let someone else know they are loved...(again, with the perfect family, if people only knew (eye roll))

So far here is what we've done:

1. Gave a family the opportunity to go skating on us.

2. Delivered chocolates to our friends/neighbours.

3. Dropped off the Reindeer version of  a "Don't Eat Pete" game to a family of adorable little girls.

4. Gave a hand made Christmas ornament to an elderly neighbour.

5. Surprised someone on their birthday with a cupcake and a homemade gift.

6. And today the kids  taped baggies with change inside,  to bus stops with a note that says Merry Christmas, ride the bus on us...

Our lives are still as crazy as ever (why am I always surprised?)...but it has been great to have something to focus on.... And fun to see how creative my kids are...I wonder what we'll do tomorrow???
We will keep you posted.

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