Monday, September 29, 2014

FORTY, thanks!

{I'm still not sure how we survived the 80's, much less made it in one piece to forty?}

Forty eh?
I used to think forty was ancient, like beyond OLD...
But now here I am, enjoying the lasts few hours of my thirties and I'm not feeling THAT old...although I'm positive the rug rats would beg to differ, 

Madison just sauntered through the room..." Oh my gosh mom! Your like more than double my age!?!?! 
Ummm thanks?!?!

Thanks A lot .....

1. Thanks Mr. Rodger's for teaching me that comfortable shoes solve nearly everything.
2. Thanks Dr. Ewald, for fixing my feet when I was 10. 
3. Thanks Grandma Beena for the best parenting advice ever "Raise those kids so other people can stand them."
4. Thanks Barney, I wouldn't have survived parenting in the 90's without you.
5. Thanks Dad for pulling me out of that river, in Yosemite, when I was 3.

6. Thanks Beth-Ann in 3rd grade for teasing me relentlessly, it taught me one never needs to be purposefully unkind or mean.
7.Thanks Cookie Monster for teaching me it's ok to eat a damn cookie.
8. Thanks, who ever brought call display to the masses, and helping me avoid people I don't like to talk to.
9. Thanks Sister Hyde, for trying to help my mom, instead of judging her, my eight-year-old self has never forgotten your kindness when you showed up on our doorstep mop bucket in hand.
10. Thanks Kelli, for never telling mom about the time we found moms year supply of matches and nearly caught the neighbour's car on fire.

11. Thanks spell check, for making me appear much smarter than I am.
12. Thanks Mom for bringing me home to Canada
13. Thanks Grandad for letting two teenagers and their troubled mom move in and giving them the stability they couldn't find on their own
14. Thanks Aunt Alice for teaching me how to fold a fitted sheet.
15. Thanks lazy eyes, for making it occasionally awkward in public {yes I can tell when you can't figure out what eye to look at } and helping me develop a talent for remembering names.

16. Thanks Dad / Mom for dragging us to every musical ever written, and for my ability to break into song simply to annoy the offspring.
17. Thanks Dad for teaching me not to clap between movements.
18. Thanks frozen pizza and KD I'm almost positive my family would have starved to death without you.
19. Thanks public education system, for giving me, "ME" time since 1999
20. Thanks my friends for never letting me walk this road alone.

21. Thanks mom, for always taking us to Church.
22. Thanks Dad for teaching me that the F-word can be endearing.
23. Thanks to my nurses at Children's Hospital of Orange County who let me drink all the HawaiianPunch I ever wanted 
24 Thanks Vancouver Island for making us a healthier family by switching to real butter and whole wheat bread. Yay us!
25. Thanks Bailey for being a missionary.

26. Thanks Superman for letting me do whatever I want, cause you know I'm going to do that anyways.
27. Thanks rug rats for signing all your permission slips and school forms for me.
28. Thanks Superman for always remembering to buy the tampons.
29. Thanks Dr Pepper, you and I have become tight these last few years.
30. Thanks Grandad for not yelling at me when I broke your tv, cause Kelli wouldn't turn it off when I was trying to sleep.

31. Thanks Mrs. Long , my 3rd grade teacher, for telling me I was funny and smart and could do anything I set my mind to, and giving me a safe place to be me.
32. Thanks Little House on the Prairie for making me think I was born a century too late.
33. Thanks for the knowledge  that I am a daughter of God
34. Thanks Heavenly Father for knowing that I couldn't have survived childhood alone and giving me a twin sister.
35. Thanks mint chocolate chip ice cream, you never let me down.

36. Thanks super smart professionals that make living with illness possible
37. Thanks Vans shoes for special making my shoes when I was a kid, and couldn't buy shoes off the shelf, I was cool before my time.
38. Thanks Dad for always making me notice the pretty fall colors.
39. Thanks reality tv for making me realize it could always be worse.
40. Thanks Superman for being my chauffeur and  never expecting dinner on the table.


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