Monday, May 11, 2015

Sister Kramer: Hi Mom.

Bailey Skyped home for Mother's Day....The next time we see her it will be when she flies home in November... (Her mission has flown by)
It was great to hear her voice and see that smile. She is well and happy, I couldn't ask for more. We ended our call with a family prayer and I am so grateful for the sweet reassuring spirit that filled our home. After our good bye, I let the tears flow, mostly because I just really miss her. It's hard, but so worth it...

Here's her letter she read to me yesterday day....

Dear Mom,

So i have been on my mission a year now, and do you remember how you always said that when i grew up i would understand why you are crazy well i get it now i understand. You have always wanted the best for me and new the potential that i had even when i didnt know. Now when i look back on the things that you have taught me I think of the 2000 stripling warriors "now they never had fought yet they did not fear death and they did think more upon the liberty of their fathers then they did upon their lives yea they had been taught by their mothers that if they did not doubt God would deliver them. Mom you have taught me not to fear...that if i just trust in God He will make everything work out. Through out my mission i have been able to look back and notice all the times that you trusted in God even though i didnt understand why. I understand now that you had faith great faith that Heavenly Father would help you. you taught me to trust in God and to know that all blessings come through Him. Mom i want to say thank you, because of all the things that you and dad tayght me i am the missionary i am today. because of you i am able to be a servant in the Lords hands. because of you i am able to help so many lives. thank you so much love you.


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