Sunday, May 3, 2015

He IS awesome.

So Superman leans over and only kinda whispers...

"You should get up there and tell'em what an AWESOME husband you have."
(It was testimony meeting)
"No...why don't you go up there, yourself" I shot back.
"Well it would just be awkward if I went up and bragged about myself" superman says, rather proud of himself.

He didn't need to see my eyes roll to know they had....

Sometimes when I sit in the chapel on Sunday and review the week, I'm pleasantly surprised we're actually still sitting in the same pew together, as a somewhat happy family...(oh come on, y'all have those weeks).

Yup this was one of those weeks....
Surprised by the intensity of struggle. Nothing helped and our continual prayers to calm the troubled water felt completely pointless. But just as the battle seemed unending and unstoppable....Listening ears, and a tender heart reached in and provided that safe place to let the hurt be heard above the anger. A very sacred moment.

I will be forever grateful for those many tender souls, Heavenly Father sends to help our sometimes crazy family. We really are so blessed.

 So yes this week ended much better than it started. Thank. Heavens. And yes my superman is Awesome, but neither of us have to say that over a pulpit for us to know it ;)




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