Monday, May 26, 2014

Sister Kramer: And Her First Area Is?

And Bailey's first area is....


She said from the time she got her call, she was pretty sure she would serve in NFLD...and she was right!

"It's so cool here, the culture is AMAZING!"

Her district in the MTC...(she went to elementary school, with two of them, in Raymond)...

{Bailey forgot to tell me when she called from the airport ... Elder David A Bendar visited the MTC and did a Q&A with the missionaries, she said it was so awesome.}

"missionary life is going really well i am happy to be here."

Happy she's happy and happy to see the miracle of missionary in our lives. :)

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  1. Remind her that my brother Dean Catling lives in lewisport if she happens to be in the area to look him up and say hello! Oh and his wifes name is kim!! :-)