Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sister Kramer: Time of My Life

We got not one but TWO emails from Sister Kramer today....
(love the all lower case :) )

hi mom hi dad things here are going well..i was able to go through the provo temple this morning with my district and that was amazing! the classes are long but i have really good teachers! i am so glad to be out on a mission im having the time of my life here at the mtc......the weather here has been really dry the last few days but im happy for the sun.   
 love sister Kramer
2nd Email (5 minutes after the first)....
oh i forgot Elder L. Tom Perry came and spoke to us on tuesday night it was awesome...and i will be able to call from the airport on tuesday but im not sure what time..
This missionary Mom is Happy, Happy, Happy!!!!


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