Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I Remember, Uncle Bill.

{Wendell William Merrill, Jr. Lieutenant, Air Corps, Army of the United States}

My Uncle Bill had a quick smile, booming voice, and an endearing hardy chuckle that made the entire room join in. My Dad lived with his oldest brother Bill after my parents split, so for  a few years we saw Uncle Bill nearly every weekend...He and Dad were hilarious together, some where between old married couple and Carol Burnette show...bickering, practical jokes (dad would walk in and yell at Bill "TURN THAT TV DOWN!,", the tv barely above a whisper, Dad nearly convincing Bill that he was going deaf) never ending Merrill brother shenanigans....

{The Uncle Bill, I knew :) }

I knew Uncle Bill had been a bombardier in World War II, but I never understood what that really meant...until long after Uncle Bill was gone... 

{flew with the Ringer Squadron, on the Joyce Marie, assuming from pictures}

This last week I've been reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand (AMAZING book). It's about a WWII bombardier that survives against all odds...as I've read I've thought often of my Uncle Bill and thousands of questions I wish I could ask him..."what was it like...in the nose of the plane...flying in enemy territory...wondering if you'd come home....

Today is Rememberance Day and I pulled out one of the few boxes from my Dad's house and sorted through dozens of Bill's pictures from WWII...it felt a fitting day for that. Bill was a war hero, saw parts of the world most can only dream of, and witness the tragedies of war...none of which I never knew about him....

{second from right}

Today I remember him, honour him and promise to find out more about his service.

{in the middle}

Thank you, Uncle Bill.


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