Sunday, November 2, 2014

Six Months

As I sat here tonight emailing Bailey, the song sung at her farewell came across my playlist and I cried....the kind of tears that come from a mix of missing her and gratitude... but nobody else noticed, cause they're all watching The Walking Dead....sigh

This week marks six months since we put Bailey on a plane for the MTC, not sure she'd make it through the four airports and customs, much less the MTC....

She has made it and we are simply grateful as we watch Heavenly Father watch over and bless her and our family.

 Superman and I will often look at each other and say "that's a missionary blessing" as we have had so many tender mercies while she is serving...This week was no different ....

The main breaker at our house broke (no I didn't know they could do that either) The electrician could have easily said they don't make that kind anymore (all true), but the first person he called had the obsolete part...which saved us a lot of money by not having to replace the entire panel, when we told him we had a Mormon missionary, he spoke very highly  of us Mormons :) "Missionary blessing"

 Being a missionary is not something I think I could do, but I deeply respect Bailey's desire and dedication to share her testimony....

One of our sweet Sister missionaries (serving in our ward) bore her testimony today of eternal families...She has lost a grandfather and then a grandmother in the last few weeks and spoke of how hard it has been to be away from her family right now but then said " I am so grateful to be a missionary, I sacrifice 18 months with my family, so other families can be together, forever."

Having a missionary out has not caused instant glorification nor has it made us shoe-ins for "Mormon family of the year".....But it has given me a glimpse of the depth of love our Heavenly Father's love for each of  us and that when he asks us to go through really hard things, he also provides the comfort and courage we need to do that. Thanks Sister Kramer.

I miss her but I am so grateful.


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