Monday, November 17, 2014

Sister Kramer: Much Better

I am doing much better this week :) 
wow it has only been about -2 here...... the branch here is great they love the missionaries :)
the work here has been a bit slow but it hasnt been to bad and we are are teaching a young girl that will be getting baptized on the 29th this month which is super exciting :)

Sydney is a great place it is quite but has alot going on are area cover most of the island so we do alot of work in glace bay, dominion, north sydney, and a bunch of small towns around that. the branch here is great the members really like us and are happy to have us here for christmas its nice they make you feel at home.
for christmas can you just send me a stocking full of warmth :) like boot socks, thick tight, gloves, knitted head bands for my ears many be even gift cards stuff like that would be so helpful  :) and i would love a stocking cause i think thats one of the things that i am going to miss the most about christmas :)

there is a mormon message that you should watch it reminds me of you it is called "you never know".....

hope all is well love you :)

Happy the hear she is feeling better.


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