Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sister Kramer: Patience and Hope

This week was great We worked hard! it has been raining here SO much! but it is good because we really need it!

So in my studies i have been studying How Patience and Hope co-inside with each other! on of my favorite scriptures is Alma34:41 But that ye have patience, and bear with those afflictions, with a firm hope that ye shall one day rest from all your afflictions." 
Both Hope And Patience happen when we change our out look of whatever it may be that we are faced with it life because in the gospel hope and patience mean to be sure, unwavering, and active! patience is not sitting and waiting for our truobles to be over but to continue to press forward with a firm hope that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ all things will one day work out....We must patiently endure while hoping and trust in the Lord and his timing!

Love you guys 
Sister Kramer :)


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