Sunday, March 30, 2014

Broadcast Battle

I swear there are more peaceful, productive negotiations within the walls of government, than the negotiations in this house, the last few days...All this sweet, calm, determined mother wanted was for her daughters to attend the General Women's Broadcast and RS dinner,WITH her....

Two and a half hours out of their lives, isn't too much too ask...having birthed them and managed to keep them alive the last almost two decades, and all.

I was unaware that such a request is considered torture to female rug rats, still in my home...and did not anticipate the battle which was to ensue.

....why, do we have too??? you can't make us!!! you can't make us like it!!! we should have the choice!!! I think this is lame!!! you don't get it Mom??!!!

It was a ridiculous dialogue for days.

I stood my ground.
They all showed up.
And yet no one WON!

The future missionary dropped the attitude as soon as she got in the building, kind of...

The other showed up late, made cheeky comments while she ate and then promptly slept through the entire broadcast...

The other barely looked up from her cell phone....

No one won, we were all just MAD.

 I have the grounds to argue endlessly on the respect of parents, doing as you are told, and that this is my house and while you live here you do what I say....

But sometimes being RIGHT, doesn't accomplish a single thing.

Why do we have too???

Relief Society is a wonderful thing, I want my girls to know and feel that. I want my girls to develop their own testimony of that. I can't do that by force feeding them the gospel. It is something that each one figures out there own way.

You can't make us!!!!

No, technically I can't...I can encourage and persuade...but I should not have used guilt and anger.

You can't make us like it!!!

Nope! I sure can't. It took me some time to find my place in Relief Society. I didn't start liking it until I felt the love and care others had for me and I actually NEEDED the support of Relief Society. You will get there, eventually, I promise.

We should have the choice!

Yes you should always have the choice....I have raised all of you with the gospel as a foundation, because I know it to be true and have a deep love for it. But that love and testimony is not something I can hand to you. Each of you will have to come to on your own. I have to have faith in that foundation and faith to let you make that choice on you own....Your choices will never dictate or diminish the love I have for you. It simply should have been your choice.

This is LAME!/You don't get it MOM!

There were beautiful things said in the broadcast, I hope their hearts heard something...I do get it...
I came home last night and thought long and hard and the one thing that came to my mind...Robin, you were just like them at that age. REMEMBER?!?! You figured it out eventually and so will they...but contention will never win any battle.

I hope I figure this parenting thing out soon...'cause it is really kicking my butt!


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