Monday, March 17, 2014

She's Ready.

This afternoon, with one last trip to Target, we finished acquiring everything for Bailey's mission....
She flies to the Missionary Training Center, (Provo, Utah) 7 weeks from today.
Stuff just got real.
I never really thought about sending kids on missions... It wasn't something I ever wanted to do...
I never imagined my girls turning 21 any way..
But then we were at General Conference when the age requirement change was announced 19 for Sisters and 18 for Elders ...
and  Bailey wanted to go...not because we wanted her to, but because she really wanted to be a missionary.
This evening we emptied the two totes of clothing, shoes, books and personal effects, we have acquired over the last 3 months and managed to stuff them into two suitcases and a carry on and not go over the weight limit...Yay us!!!!
Bailey turns to me, as she packed and with a smirk says...
"This is the kind that goes in my MOUTH, right????"
Right, Bailey, Right!!!!
I guess she will survive in the mission field.
We really are proud of her and her choice to be a missionary.
We love you, Bailey!


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