Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tampons and Terrible Days

Madison pick me up tampons when you pick up Bailey, kay? I say to a dining room full of teenagers surfing Pinterest doing homework, last night.

"Oh. My. Gosh! That sure explains a lot of today!" Madison says, throwing her arms up in the air

"This week is gonna SUCK!" Dallyn mutters, hanging his head.

Man I just love my beautiful offspring!

Yesterday did suck... the emotional culmination of months, weeks and days of heartache, caved in.

Worry about a struggling child...

Another's careless words online cause unneeded hurt, sadness and frustration...

The mail box full of bills....

The Brick called to say the brand new leather couch, that nameless child spilt nail polish remover on, that the sales man, in the store the day before said WAS covered under fact WAS NOT covered...Sorry about that...

TAXES...I owed big in both countries, we knew that and were prepared for that...But I was blindsided by the avalanche of emotions that hit as I stood signing papers...If my parents had only handled their affairs in life, Kelli and I could have been saved from sorting out their financial and legal nightmare after...I left the office sobbing and ugly cried the hour home...Anger, guilt...but mostly just grief.

I give up. I can't do this on my own. I'm so tired! (Daylight Savings Time, I hate you)

A call from my sister...who never tells me I'm crazy.

A unexpected text, from a friend, telling me they were just thinking of us.

And a visit from one of my Visiting Teachers who also never tells me I'm crazy.

Okay maybe I won't give up, at least not today.

Madison brought home tampons and cake (she ain't stupid).
 I went to bed early and today I had the courage to keep on going...
So Dallyn maybe this week isn't gonna SUCK.


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