Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Picture Home Again.

It's been more than 10 years since I've had a photo, of my mom, displayed in my home...All the ones I had had reminded me of the illness and some very difficult memories, so I put them all away long ago...

Yesterday I took on the task of reorganizing my china cabinet, after getting rid of a bunch dust collecting trinkets, I got to a box, in the very bottom drawer...inside was a small gold frame missing its picture. I never remember having acquired this frame, but I remembered the frame, the picture that had been inside and that it had sat on my Grandmother's night stand when I was a little girl...

I didn't have the picture and wondered if Kelli had a copy...of course she did and emailed it to me in minutes, yay! 

This morning I picked up the photo, fixed up the frame and put its proper picture, back where it belonged.

Lynne Elaine, Age 4, standing on the porch of the family home in Lethbridge.

Our Mom.

A photo of Mom is back in my home now, one that makes me smile.

A happy time in Mom's life, something I needed to remember.

Glad to have the picture home again. :)


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