Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Grateful Things

Last minute, we scurried away overnight for our anniversary...(not sure the kids even knew we had left)

{Dolphins Resort is 10 little cabins over looking Discovery Passage (between the East coast of Vancouver Island and Quadra Island) about 45 minutes north of where we live.}

It's such a beautiful and peaceful place...the hum of humming birds, catching the first nectar of spring...the lap of waves against the rocks as the occasional  fishing boat moseys by...the distinctive squawk of an eagle not far off...watching the sunlight dance across the water....sea side therapy

"Can you believe, with everything.... we've made it 21 years???" Is how the conversation started...

"You know, even with all the struggles...we sure live a BLESSED life, Robin." Superman's sincerity surprised me, some.

"We've always managed to be in the right place...with the right people to help us through the challenges...." "That is not just by chance...our family is a blessed one, Robin."

Pure  grateful clarity.

Elder Uchtdorf's talk (which Grant missed this weekend) rang in my ears...."Be grateful in all things"
   -accept with courage your current circumstances...

   -gratitude is independent of those current circumstances

  -gratitude is an act of faith and hope...we may not understand right now, but trust that one day we will.

  -look past disappointing endings in mortality to eternity

  -Endings are not our destiny

We sure do live a BLESSED life...thanks for the reminder's to the next 21 years eternity, my friend :)


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