Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mamma's a Mess

The future Missionary leaves in.....

And suddenly I'm a mess.

It just hit me this week that she is actually leaving....and I'm suddenly turning into one of those mothers I totally made fun of...
The one that sobbed when they dropped off their kindergartener for the first day. (while I gleefully dropped and ran like a fugitive.)

Suddenly I'm THAT mom. 

(Thanks Karma)

Good byes are not a strong point. I hate them. I don't like the ugly awkward cry in public, (yeah Superman, its embarrassing)

What do you call it when you are...

Happy-sad-excited-worried-grateful-anxious-hopeful ???

(WebMD suggests a psychiatrist ;) )

I am so excited for Bailey....but surprised at how sad I feel to say a short goodbye.

Come on Robin...keep it together....would you :)


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