Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mashed Madness

Mashed madness...
AKA Bailey's Open House :)......

Either Mormons are suckers for free food.... or everybody loves Bailey! I will go with the latter :) After writing down everyone we remember coming through our house, we had 113+ people here. Crazy and Awesome....

Sunday morning I had said a quick prayer that everything would go well and we would have enough food...

We had planned for 60 -70 people....and had a true loves and fishes experience.

 We needed a food that you could eat walking around (Casa de Kramer is not a large house) and the Mashed Potato bar worked amazingly well!

It was crazy enough that we didn't get a single picture....but here's the idea :)....

Mashed Potatoes
{1 lbs raw potatoes = 2 cups mashed, 2/3 c per serving)
We mashed 40 lbs of potatoes,(+ 1 lbs butter + 1 L  sour cream + milk,) filling 2 plug in turkey roasters.
And this was the best investment...long handle masher....

($5.90, Jemco Restaurant Supply in Lantzville. That store has everything for the kitchen at unbelievably cheap prices)
Sour Cream
(used 2 L)
(used 1 lb)
(made 24 cups, could have used double that)
(used 2 bags bacon bits from Costco)
Crispy Onions
(used 1 bag, Costco)
Chopped Green Onion
(used 8 bunches, need twice that)
Grated Cheese
(used 2 bags Mozza cheddar blend, Costco)
We also severed...
Two large, Veggie and Dip Trays
(snap peas, carrots, peppers, celery, broccoli, cucumbers and 2L dip)
Two large, Fruit and Dip Trays
(strawberries, grapes, honeydew, cantaloupe, pine apple and 2L lemon yogurt)
We just kept reloading the trays, until we ran out. 
I ordered a 1/2 slab of cake....
It was devoured in about 5 minutes, I should have gone with the full slab.
We just served water with lemon out of my 3 gallon standing jug(if you don't own one, buy one, they are less than twenty bucks and we have used ours to death)...
(4 lemons, 1 bag of Ice)
We found plastic disposable margarita glasses at Dollarama (10 for $3)
 (but you could use any type of cup)
Went through 40 plastic spoons and 80 plastic forks and 80 napkins and 80+ paper
Everyone ate......
We had nothing left over...
And clean up took less than an hour...
It was a wonderful success!!!
Thank you to all for sharing this day with us and to those who travelled. We felt loved, supported and it was a privilege to fed y'all.


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