Monday, April 7, 2014

Twenty. One. Years!

Superman and I tied the knot, 21 years ago (Apr 8)...
Our knee jerk wedding, turned into a marriage full of miracles and mayhem and medication. :)
Nobody knew we would make it, except us.
So glad we found each other early, so we could love each other longer....
21 not so fascinating facts, for 21 not so fantastic years ;)

1. We were married on a school night,in high school.
2. Our first pet was a cat named Jezebel.
3. We didn't have our own car, until we had ben married a year and a half. A 1978 olds omega.
4. My mom accompanied us on our honeymoon, not even joking.
5. We have moved 13 times in 21 years.
6. Our wedding reception and my high school grad were held the same weekend, we attended both.
7. Our first tv was my parents first tv from 1971, you had to hit the top to stop the screen from rolling and put tin foil on the rabbit ears to get reception
8. I spent 45 months pregnant, in the first 79 months of our marriage.
9. Our wedding colours were green and gold, same as LCI's, also my mothers idea.
10. My Dad didn't know I got married until after it happened.
11. We have called Lethbridge, Raymond, Port Alberni and Courtenay home.
12. My mother insisted on sewing Holly and I matching dresses, I was 8 months velveteen...need I say more.
13. Grant got kicked out of a Church basketball game, for swearing at the ref, we had been married less than a month.
14. Our wedding song..."A Whole New World" from Aladin, Disney...we were so mature.
15. I only knew how to make Hamburger Helper and Pancakes when we married.
16. My moms wedding gift, was a special book?!?!...(Kelli I added this solely for your benefit)
17. Our first apartment, was a basement suite, with wood panelling and one tiny window.
18. Our favourite store was ToysRUs, even before we had kids.
19. Grant shot his hand with a framing nailer, not long after our wedding...first time taking him to the ER...far from the last 
20. Our first fight, Grant wanted to watch Star Trek, I. Did. Not.
21. Marriage was the wackiest, nuttiest and best decision we have ever made.

I love you Superman! Forever and a day, eh? <3

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  1. Love it Robin, you are both super sweet