Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Love To See The Temple

I love to see the Temple, I`m going there today......
Today our girls along with the youth from our ward had the opportunity to go to the Vancouver Temple to do baptisms...It's the first trip for our youth since the temple was dedicated. The sun was even shinning in Vancouver.
The Angel Moroni

Courtenay Ward Youth....We are so blessed to live in a ward where all the kids are friends and love to be together.

Ammon, Bailey & Brian

Holly & the Boys

(photo by Milena)
Alex & Holly....This was Alex`s first time doing baptisms. So glad her sisters could share this day with her.

(photo by Milena)
Madison on the ferry heading to Vancouver.

So grateful to have our Temple so close now. What a great day! For the girls, the TEMPLE and for me, having only one at home was so PEACEFUL :)


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