Saturday, August 11, 2012

{Finding} My Calling

Just over a year ago I was released from my favourite calling ever.... {In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints a "calling" is a position or assignment in which members have been asked to serve or perform.} Serving in the RS presidency was my comfort zone and I have missed being involved terribly....

This last year has been full of change and lessons and growth...Ward Chorister suited me just fine, but I missed the creative opportunities other callings can provide.

A few weeks ago I got a new (another) calling...

Primary Chorister ... I gladly accepted.

Who wouldn't love having fun with music and kids for 20 minutes each Sunday???....

I have big shoes to fill....the prior chorister is a gifted teacher and musician, put she's moving :(

I'm not a soloist and I don't play instruments But...

What I lack in talent I can make up for in laminated visual aids :)

This week I focus on making visuals for the songs for the presentation coming in a few short months.....

Nephi's Courage....I found a pdf for these stick figures here . It only included the first two verses so I picked my own pictures for the 3rd verse and used print shop to match the size.

As a Child of God....Word strips with pictures from a pdf file I can't find again.

I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus....I picked through an old gospel art kit and found pictures that matched each phase and added a few picture or word reminders to fill in the blanks

 Choose the Right....I made a flip chart and THEN realized that several already existed on line.
Stand For The Right....Poster with key words/pictures
When I Am Baptized....clip art and pictures cut from magazines

The Wise and The Foolish Man....I made a rain stick, following the tutorial here to use on the chorus...the next one I make will be longer for a better sound, but this will work for primary

At some point I want to teach the kids about whole notes, half notes and quarter notes....a felt pizza (made up a pattern as I went) will teach the concept using something they can understand...

I then made felt birthday crowns for the famous birthday songs... Pattern found here

I'm in the process of assembling simple instruments we can have even more fun with and annoy the teachers ;)

It's been so therapeutic to break out the laminater again...

This last week, grief has been my ever present companion...I am missing my Dad terribly(not even sure why now). Working on music, music, music has provided great relief...In some small way  allowing me to honour his legacy. He loved teaching music and did so for nearly 50 years.

I'm going to love this calling.

It's no coincidence that our callings are exactly what we need at time :)

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