Sunday, August 19, 2012

Whale Tales

The Superman mentioned a few weeks ago, that he wanted to do something memorable with the kids... There has not been a single day or weekend when everybody has been home. So we made everybody take this weekend off. And bit the bullet and went whale watching off Telegraph Cove, BC. A place none of us had been before. Three hours north of us, truly in the middle of nowhere.....

A tiny quaint boardwalk village...with original wooden buildings on pilings from the 1910-1930's.

A step back in time, in true west coast fashion. Every minute of the drive was well worth it.

Setting sail....Grant refused, the titanic shot....but settled for this one :)

We heading south down the Johnson Straight, trying to catch up to a pod of orca seen that morning...
An hour and a half later and just when I was beginning to think...If we don't see a D*** whale, I'm going to be P******!!!...There they were....more than a dozen resident orca playing in the calm waters....

 We were so close you could here them breaching....It was AMAZING!!! For more than an hour and a half we watched and listened and took it all in. I gave up worrying about "the Shot"(moving whale, moving boat, moving water, crap-tastic camera) and just marveled in the amazing world we live in....

It was worth every penny.
Memories don't have a price.
The ride back was long, but beautiful...

We got back just in time to check out the Whale Museum and have dinner.

It will only be a short time, until they start leaving home...What a wonderful memory.

We loved the Stubbs Island tour and would totally do it again.

Don't do with kids younger than 8 or will seem boring to them.

Bring your own food (we had coolers full of drinks and snacks) food there is EXPENSIVE.

Book way ahead...we wanted to stay in the board walk cabins...but they were completely booked.

Get a good camera with a telephoto lens...we had our two crap-tastic point and shoots and I was ready to throw our newer one in the drink, within the hour.

Gas up in Campbell River...there are no stations on the highway for nearly 200kms and no station in Telegraph Cove.

Dress is always COLD out on the water.


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