Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Man Child Comes Home, A Man

 The Man Child headed, last week, to his first YM Camp ever....

A regional scout camp, including all the boys in our Temple district. 400 plus boys from BC and Washington. "Prepare to Serve" was the theme. And by all accounts he got to do amazing things and meet amazing people...Repelling, bronco riding, zip line, knife making.... A testosterone mecca for 6 days....

But we all noticed it the minute he walked in the door....HIS VOICE DROPPED, MOM!!!!

Kay so I wasn't just hearing things.....The poor boy, {I mean man}, He then proudly enjoyed all manner of taunts from his sisters for hours. We all took great delight his cracking voice.

The Man Child came home a man....well kinda....

It seems he now has new definitions for beef stew and dutch ovens.{So all boys are obsessed with farting...sigh}

4 hours later....

At 9:30  pm Saturday night Dallyn pulled his only white shirt out of his pack and says..."I guess you need to wash it, before morning"....YA Think????
It used to be white?!?!
I did what any self respecting mother of the year does....
Called the Superman at Wally and told him to pick Dallyn up a new one.
I'm a miracle worker, but COME ON?
He looked very handsome in the nice and shiny new shirt, as he spoke about his camp in Sacrament Meeting the next morning....
Mom, promise not to laugh if my voice cracks, kay {Good thing I was sitting behind him :)}
He wrote the following entirely by himself (proof that stuff does, on occasion, sink in)
Well done, my little MAN.
Good morning brothers and sisters today I was asked to speak on the young men’s camp we went to this weak. I’m going to talk about what we learned and what we got to do. Our theme of the camp was Prepare to Serve that meant we were preparing to serve the lord by serving a full time mission teaching people about the gospel. Every morning we would wake up at 6 30 in the morning just like the missionaries we did our scripture study had breakfast and got started for the day. During the morning from 9 to noon we would do activities (such as repelling, high ropes, adventure chase, and much more). After we finished our morning activities we went to lunch. After lunch we did a couple more activities and we did a special activity right before dinner it was called helamins army we did 1 of the 4 activities they where service project, preach my gospel , meet with the general authority (elder Christensen of the 70) and strong. Every activity had a gospel lesson tied into it for example repelling was hold to the iron rod and god will not let you fall and if you let go you will fall. After dinner there was one more activity and then there was camp rap up. We all sat in the theater and listened to the speakers for the night we heard great stories form different people my favorite one was Paul cardel who was born with half a heart, he struggled until he was 33 years old when he got a new heart   from a brave donor I got the opportunity to listen to him tell his amazing story and played some beautiful piano pieces. After that was mug up this was the best part we went to the kitchen and had hot coco before bed. After this we went to bed at 1030 and that was the end of the day we would arise to another fun and spiritual day. I learned a lot at camp and it brought me closer to the gospel I know now that I must serve a mission of the lord.
 I’d like to  bare my testimony I know the church is true and the book of Mormon is true that serving full time mission will not only bless others but it will greatly bless you.
In closing I would like to close by quoting a scripter in mosiah chapter 2 verse 17 and behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of you fellow beings ye are only in the service of your god
I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ amen


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