Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Everything We Prayed For.

This trip to California absolutely terrified me...I was a complete wreck. Worried about everything. Would we have problems at the border? ferries? would there be enough money to make the expensive trip? car trouble? health problems? bringing things back? exhaustion? time?... My list of worries was endless,  I felt completely weighed down....We had prepared and planned for everything we could but my faith was still shaky.

I cried through our family prayer before we left, as our Superman asked for safety and comfort....

Our past road trips have always had varying elements of the Gong Show. Missed/cancelled  ferries, stuck behind avalanche control for hours, car trouble, running out of gas, threatening to put screaming children up for adoption at the next town, barfing and every other bodily function imaginable....Road trip have never been my idea of a good time, ever.

Our past record only added to my worries. As I left Courtenay 12 days ago I really wondered if we would return in one peice (still married, with five children and all our limbs)

We never had one problem and for these krazy Kramers that's more than a miracle....

In the last 11 days we have driven 56 hours, cleaned out an 1800 square foot house, spent 10 nights in hotel rooms, spent an amazing 26 hours at Disneyland, eaten at least 30 fast food meals and never needed so much as a band aid.

As I sat on the ferry last night , while my offspring played poker with skittles and star burst (don't judge, I have no idea were they learned that either). I couldn't help but reflect on how blessed our lives have been over the last two weeks. Every need and worry was covered often before we even realized it.

We were protected and comforted and had add strength all the way along....In the moments, especially in the stifling heat at the house, when I was ready to give up, in my mind I would hear " you can do it" "its going to be ok" "just keep moving".

As I sat there last night, while the guy in front of us was softly and beautifully playing his acoustic guitar (Oh Island, how I love you). My heart filled with gratitude as I realised we had been blessed with absolutely everything we had prayed for.


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