Monday, October 29, 2012

Shine On...

Yesterday was our ward's annual primary presentation...Honestly my favourite Sacrament meeting all year...This was my first time ever leading the music for the Presentation...I honestly wasn't (that) worried or nervous, I guess years serving in the church has taught me at least one thing...It  ALWAYS work out :)...

As I rushed to get ready that morning {How come nobody ever wakes up Mom??) I glanced at this hanging in our downstairs bathroom...I think the girls got them at Girl's camp a few years ago....
The perfect thing to remember as I walked out the door...

Favourite parts..
A little girl that laughed out loudly as we sang CTR....whole congregation laughed, could not keep from laughing myself...AWESOME (a girl after my own heart)

The little boy who said "God is the richest in outer space..." in his talk.

The three young girls who sang "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus" as a trio...and brought the spirit into the meeting like only children can.

The way our primary's voices soared on "When I am Baptised"

Primary Music Leader is the best calling ever!!!

The kids did amazing, a true reflection of not only who they are... but whose they are. It is such a privilege to be taught by them every single Sunday.




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