Friday, October 12, 2012

You Guys Mormons?!?

"You guys Mormon??"

Asked the only neighbour that came out to talk to us , when we cleaned out Dad's house last week...Yes!?! Kelli and I kinda said in unison, a little surprised. I guess Kelli's Utah license plate was her first clue....

"Well, my Aunt joined your Church after she had a vision several years ago..."

Kelli and I gave each other that look {crap where is this going}

You guys are a good people. This neighbour then went on and told us how well the Church had treated her Aunt and how much they took care of her...She had nothing but positive things to say

Kelli mentioned that my dad was raised Utah and was actually Mormon too...The neighbour had no idea and was a little surprised {The fact that she had also told us that Dad would drive down the street and flip every one off, in the same conversation, made it kinda hard to tell, I guess}

I hope it's easy to tell that we are Mormon and not because we drive a 15 passenger van and have 87 kids. And not because we can make funeral potatoes blindfolded and we have 17 cases of Mr Noodles in our pantry.

I hope you can tell we're Mormon by they way we live our lives and especially by the way we treat others.

I hope the answer is obvious.


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