Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Book

For years friends have told me I should write a book..."You have a way with words and definitely have a life that reads like a novel." "You should share it."
I have come across two books in recent years that are beyond relatable. I read the Glass Castle years ago and loved it, But just before Christmas I found this lone copy of The Memory Palace" at Costco...I had heard nothing about the book but felt compelled to read it.
I read it in three days, almost unable to put it down. No it wasn't my life story but I related to it in a way I haven't related to any other book before. It was the emotions and heartache and frustration of a daughter and her sister being raised by a brilliant and severely mentally ill mother. That for the first time made my experiences nearly normal.
I should really write a book....
Trust me countless times in the years following my mother's death I have tried to put words to paper, but after a few paragraphs I've walked away angry or in tears. I just wasn't ready. It was still too fresh, too painful.
Over the last few months, since my Father's death, I have felt a greater need to get our story on paper...Not because I want to publish a book, but for the sake of family history, but I still feared the emotions I would have to face.
Well the book was my only legitimate New Years' resolution and I'm no quitter (at least 'til February) So today I sat down and wrote nearly 2000 words, an honest start. And for the first time the words flowed free of anger. I'm actually quite please with myself. Maybe I really can heal and move forward.
A goal is nothing unless it is written down, so I want a rough copy done by Easter and it finished by summer.
I know most won't understand what a huge and necessary step this is for me. But I know and for the first time in a long time....
Yay Me!!!


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