Monday, February 2, 2015

Good Grief Groundhog.

It's Monday and it's Groundhog Day. Joy.
Two days in one I wish I could skip.
I always try to convince myself, that this year, it won't bother me...and the more convincing I do, the more I just get sad and somewhat accept that grief on Groundhog Day, is just a given.....
Well its actually the movie about the day, where it all started...
{Bill Murray's life stuck on repeat...}
Our Dad's life was stuck on repeat for years...the same three questions over and over and over.
How are you?
How are the kids?
Does Grant still work at Walmart?
Our hearts ached for him and as we were powerless to change the progression of a disease we only understood, just days before he died.
On the many  really rough days, after his countless calls, Kelli and I would commiserate.
"Another Groundhog's Day, eh??"
I will never understand why the brain betrays it's self or why he lost so much or why goodbyes with Mom and Dad happened long before we lost them.
Good grief groundhog, you make me sad.
{long before I was born *  long after we said goodbye}


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